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Travs Introduce New Home Uniform

Pinstripes Added To Classic White Design
February 10, 2011
NORTH LITTLE ROCK - The Arkansas Travelers introduce their brand new uniform to be worn during home games of the 2011 season at Dickey-Stephens Park. Navy blue takes over as the dominant color on the white uniforms, which feature the franchise's first pinstriped look since 1983. Uniform numbers, game caps and socks switch to navy blue, although numbers are outlined in red. The uniforms retain the classic red script 'Travelers' outlined in blue emblazoned across the chest. Another addition to the home uniform is a shoulder patch including the famous "Halo" logo of the Travelers' affiliate, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

"It's been a while since we changed the home uniform," said Travelers General Manager Pete Laven, referring to the 1996 season when the club switched from pullover jerseys to button downs and added the script 'Travelers'. "I think it's important to keep things fresh for our fans. I hope this grabs their attention and gets them thinking about the baseball season, which is just two months away."

Previously the Travelers wore pinstripes for the 1982 and 1983 season when the 'A-Travs' logo was joined by red pinstripes. Laven looked further back in Travelers' history for inspiration on the current redesign, and the Travelers Baseball Museum at Dickey-Stephens Park gave him insight into previous team uniforms.

"We were thinking red or blue when considering pinstripes so I walked down the ballpark concourse to the museum and was immediately drawn to the 1937 Travs team composite photo," Laven said. "That team wore navy blue pinstripes which I thought looked great. There's something about pinstripes that impart this classic old time look. I consider the Travelers a classic baseball franchise and the pinstripes help add that feel to the uniforms."

Fans that come to the Travs' Hot Stove this evening at Holy Souls church in Little Rock at 7:00 p.m. will get a sneak peek at the new home uniform.

The Travs will continue to wear the same gray road uniforms they've used for four seasons, but will unveil a brand new road uniform for the 2012 season.